• Site @ Near Dilli More (Badri Nagar), Darbhanga
    C.O.: Near Omega Study Center, Mirzapur, Darbhanga



Not just constructing happy homes, we contribute our part for the betterment of our society. As an aspect of our CSR activities, we delighted many lives and helped their dreams come to life.

Steps towards the Environment

We believe every little change matters and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of nature. We strive to pass on nature to the younger generations as we had it. So we initiated a few activities.
Regular tree plantation drives.
Save water initiatives.

Happiness Matters

We, the KKT Constructions Pvt.LTd. family add a sense of joy to the world around us. We had this pleasure as we helped the needy and added smiles to thousands of children’s lives.
Distributed blankets & clothes to laborers during the winter season.
We believe in helping and giving, any flood-zone area in Bihar we distribute essential items to the needy for disaster relief.